Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Temples in Koyasan in Japan 日本の高野山の寺院

Koyasan, Japan is interesting. Koyasan is considered sacred. It is certainly a symbol of the fusion of cultures. Beyond the shrine's half-moon bridge and grand vermillion gate is where Japan's so-called nature-based gods and Buddha coexist. After completing 100 days of training, monks come to thank Koyasan's guardian gods who are enshrined here.

To appreciate the beauty, people walk the difficult journey. This is one of the destinations for pilgrims of various times. These are not easy paths to walk. They are definitely scenic, however. There are steep inclines and rugged bushland. In a few places, steps or footpaths have been built. Making the arduous trip brought the pilgrims closer to divinity.

The temple complexes were built amongst the forests in the ninth century. Interestingly, they were some of the first to blend Buddhism with Shinto.

These days there are about 120 temples in Koyasan. This certain location was chosen because it is in a slight valley in the mountain and it was believed the 8 peaks around it looked like a lotus flower.

日本の高野山は面白いです。高野山は神聖なものと考えられています。それは確かに文化の融合の象徴です。神社の半月橋と壮大な朱色の門の向こうには、日本のいわゆる自然に基づく神々と仏陀が共存しています。 100日間の修行を終えた僧侶たちは、ここに祀られている高野山の守護神に感謝の意を表します。




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