Friday, July 29, 2022

Japanese authorities release details on Shinzo Abe's assassination 日本当局は安倍晋三暗殺の詳細を発表


Japanese authorities release details on Shinzo Abe's assassination.

ABC News on Youtube shows that authorities have released details on how the suspect allegedly prepared for the attack.




Useful Translations:

Shinzo Abe 安倍晋三 Abe shinzō      
Assassination 暗殺 ansatsu
Prime Minister 首相 shushō
President 大統領 daitōryō
Authorities 当局 tōkyoku
Details 詳細 shōsai
Suspect 容疑者 yōgi-sha
Attack 攻撃 kōgeki

Japan's plan to reopen nuclear power plants due to record-breaking heat 記録的な猛暑のため、原子力発電所を再開する日本の計画


BBC News on Youtube shows that Japan is in the midst of its hottest early summer on record, with  June temperatures breaking through 40C last week.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida says the country must quickly restart more of its nuclear power plants as power stations struggle to keep up.

But 11 years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster the push to restart Japan's nuclear plants remains deeply unpopular.





Useful Translations:

Plan プラン Puran
Reopen 再開 saikai
Nuclear power plants 原子力発電所 genshiryokuhatsudenjo
Heat 熱 netsu

Japan swelters in its worst heatwave ever recorded 日本はこれまでに記録された最悪の熱波で蒸し暑い


Jul 1, 2022: BBC News on Youtube shows that Japan is sweltering in its worst heatwave since records began in 1875.

The blistering heat has drawn official warnings of a looming power shortage, and led to calls for people to conserve energy where possible.

But the government is still advising people to use air conditioning to avoid heatstroke as cases of hospitalization rise with the heat.





Japan's Princess Mako finally marries commoner boyfriend 日本の小室眞子がついに庶民の彼氏と結婚


BBC News on Youtube shows that Japan's Princess Mako has married her college sweetheart Kei Komuro - thus losing her royal status.

Under Japanese law, female imperial family members forfeit their status upon marriage to a "commoner" although male members do not.

She also skipped the usual rites of a royal wedding and turned down a payment offered to royal females upon their departure from the family.

She is the first female member of the royal family to decline both.






Some Useful Translations:

Princess お姫様 Ohimesama
Princess Mako 小室眞子 Komuro Mako
Royal 王立 ōritsu
Status 状態 jōtai
Law 法 Hō
Female 女性 josei

Things Okay in Japan but Illegal Around the World 日本では大丈夫ですが、世界中で違法です


Paolo fromTOKYO on Youtube shows the exciting story.

There are some shocking laws that are okay in Japan, but illegal around the world. See videos on things you can’t do in Japan because of laws or unknown laws that could get you arrested. See things that are legal in Japan but may be illegal in other parts of the world.  Many think that Japan is a very strict country, but when you hear some of these Japanese laws you may be scratching your head. Doing any of these things is not recommended. This video is for entertainment only. Japanese merchandise is interesting.

The law of Japan refers to legal system in Japan, which is primarily based on legal codes and statutes, with precedents also playing an important role. Japan has a civil law legal system with six legal codes, which were greatly influenced by Germany, to a lesser extent by France, and also adapted to Japanese circumstances. The Japanese Constitution enacted after World War II is the supreme law in Japan. An independent judiciary has the power to review laws and government acts for constitutionality.

The early laws of Japan are believed to have been heavily influenced by Chinese law. Little is known about Japanese law prior to the seventh century, when the Ritsuryō was developed and codified. Before Chinese characters were adopted and adapted by the Japanese, the Japanese had no known writing system with which to record their history. Chinese characters were known to the Japanese in earlier centuries, but the process of assimilation of these characters into their indigenous language system took place in the third century. This was due to the so-called willingness of the Japanese to borrow aspects of the culture of continental civilisations, which was achieved mainly via adjacent countries such as the Korean kingdoms rather than directly from the so-called Chinese mainland empires.



日本では大丈夫ですが、世界中で違法であるいくつかの衝撃的な法律があります。 逮捕される可能性のある法律や未知の法律のために日本でできないことについてのビデオをご覧ください。 日本では合法であるが、世界の他の地域では違法である可能性のあるものを参照してください。 日本は非常に厳しい国だと多くの人が考えていますが、これらの日本の法律のいくつかを聞くと、頭を悩ませているかもしれません。 これらのことを行うことはお勧めしません。 このビデオは娯楽のみを目的としています。 日本の商品は面白いです。



Japan Tops Ranking of Tourism Destinations for First Time 日本が初めて観光地ランキングでトップ


It seems that the country of Japan indeed tops ranking of Tourism Destinations for First Time.

Prepare for your next cool visit to Japan, the top ranked tourism destination.

Expand your Japanese skills by learning phrases commonly used in news stories. Also learn additional useful Japanese expressions. Learn Japanese from the News and by talking Japanese.

Tourism is interesting in Japan. Japan recorded a total of 4 million tourists in 2020, ranking 43rd in the world in absolute terms. The fact that larger countries regularly perform better in a comparison of the absolute number of guests is really obvious.

(#1 in tourism) France is the world's number one destination for international tourists, the most recent figures from the UNWTO show indeed. Almost 90 million people visited France in 2018. Spain isn't far behind, with over 82 million visitors. The United States, China and Italy complete the countries in the top five.

Japan still seems to be one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is a unique blend of traditional and modern, with many temples and buildings from the past co-existing with modern achievements in beautiful architecture and technology.

Japan seems to be safe for tourists. Japan is indeed very safe and the crime rate is quite low. Like any other destination, though, travelers should be aware of their surroundings and know what to do in case something unusual happens.






(観光業で第1位)フランスは国際観光客にとって世界一の目的地であり、UNWTOの最新の数字は確かに示しています。 2018年には約9千万人がフランスを訪れました。スペインは8200万人を超える訪問者を抱えており、それほど遅れをとっていません。米国、中国、イタリアが上位5か国を完了しています。



Some Useful Translations:

Japan 日本
Ranking ランキング
Tourism 観光
Destination 行き先
First 初め
Time 時間
Country 国
Prepare 準備
Next 次
Previous 前
Visit 訪問
Expand 拡大
Skill スキル
Learn 学び
Phrase 段階
Useful 使える
Expression 表現
Talk 話
Interesting 面白い
Perform 実行
Better より良い
Comparison 比較
Obvious 明らか
International 国際的
Complete 完了
Popular 人気
Unique 個性的
Architecture 建築
Technology テクノロジー
Safe 安全
Crime 犯罪
Surroundings 周囲
Unusual 普通でない
Happen 起こる

Japanese city alarmed by biting, clawing, attacking monkeys サルを噛んだり、噛んだり、攻撃したりして警戒する日本の都市


WGN News on Youtube shows that people in a southwestern Japanese city have come under attack from monkeys that are trying to snatch babies, biting and clawing at flesh, and sneaking into nursery schools.



Some Translations:

Japanese city 日本の都市 Nihon no toshi
Alarm 警報 keihō
Bite 噛む kamu
Claw 爪 tsume
Attack 攻撃 kōgeki
Monkey 猿 saru
Animal 動物 dōbutsu
News ニュース nyūsu
Show 見せる miseru
People 人々 hitobito
Southwestern 南西部 minamiseibu
Baby 赤ちゃん akachan
Flesh 肉 niku
Sneak スニーク sunīku
School 学校 gakkō
Fear 恐れ osore