Saturday, October 9, 2021

Basic Japanese Verbs 基本的な日本語の動詞

Basic Japanese Verbs 基本的な日本語の動詞

食べる (Taberu) - To eat
見る (Miru) - To watch
寝る (Neru) - To sleep
勉強する (Benkyou suru) - To study
読む (Yomu) - To read
飲む (Nomu) - To drink
歩く (Aruku) - To walk
座る (Suwaru) - To sit

これ / この (Kore / Kono) - "This" or "This _ (thing/person)"
それ / その (Sore / Sono) - "That / It" or "That _ (thing/person)"
あれ / あの (Are / Ano) - "That over there" or "That _ (thing/person) over there"
私 / 僕 (Watashi / Boku) - "I" (私 is gender neutral, while 僕 is masculine.)
彼 (Kare) - "He"
彼女 (Kanojo) - "She"
私たち (Watashitachi) - "We"
彼ら (Karera) - "They"


います imasu
Meaning: to be; exist (used for animate objects, ie. people and animals)

Verb type: ichidan (て form -> いて ite)
Plain/ dictionary form: いる iru
Kanji?: 居る (note: the kanji is not often used and you will most likely see it in hiragana only)
Often used with the particle を or に

Interesting example sentences:

ねこはへやにいます。 neko wa heya ni imasu

The cat is in the room.

にわにいぬがいます。 niwa ni inu ga imasu

There is a dog in the garden.

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