Saturday, October 9, 2021

Japanese Important Adverbs 日本語の重要な副詞

Popular Japanese Adverbs:

Useful adverbs:

いつも - always
よく - often
たいてい - usually
時々 【とき・どき】 - sometimes
たまに - rarely
全然 【ぜん・ぜん】 - not at all (when used with negative)
多分 【た・ぶん】 - probably, maybe
たくさん - a lot (amount)

When you want to boost your language skills, learning adverbs is important and certainly inevitable. Just like those in other languages, there are a variety of Japanese adverbs and they're frequently used in sentences. Japanese adverbs are quite similar to English adverbs, though there are some differences to keep in mind.

Frequency adverbs are often placed in front of the direct object. → watashi wa yoku biiru o nomi-masu. / I often drink beer

More Japanese Adverbs:

Meaning Reading Kanji Hiragana

1 today kyō 今日 きょう
2 yesterday kinō 昨日 きのう
3 tomorrow ashita 明日 あした
4 this morning kesa 今朝 けさ
5 tonight kon’ya 今夜 こんや
6 now ima いま
7 later ato de 後で あとで
8 soon sugu ni すぐに
9 right now ima sugu ni 今すぐに いますぐに
10 previously mae ni 前に まえに
11 recently saikin 最近 さいきん
12 someday itsuka いつか
13 yet mada まだ

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