Saturday, October 9, 2021

Japanese Types of Questions 日本語の質問の種類

Japanese Types of Questions 日本語の質問の種類

In Japanese, all questions Japanese end in the particle ka.

Ano hito wa dare desu ka. (Who is that person over there?)

Kore wa nan desu ka. (What is this?)

Are wa nan desu ka. (What is that over there?)

Are wa Fujisan desu ka. (Is that Mount Fuji?)

O-namae wa nan desu ka. (What is your name?)

Otearai wa doko desu ka. (Where is the restroom?)

Dochira kara kimashita ka. (Where are you from?)

Tanjôbi wa itsu desu ka. (When is your birthday?)

Itsu ikimasu ka. (When will you go [there]?)

Nan-ji ni shimarimasu ka. (What time do you close?)

Densha wa nan-ji nidemasu ka. (At what time does the train leave?)

Chekkuauto wa nan-ji desu ka. (When is checkout time?)

Kore wa ikura desu ka. (How much is this?)

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