Friday, July 29, 2022

Things Okay in Japan but Illegal Around the World 日本では大丈夫ですが、世界中で違法です


Paolo fromTOKYO on Youtube shows the exciting story.

There are some shocking laws that are okay in Japan, but illegal around the world. See videos on things you can’t do in Japan because of laws or unknown laws that could get you arrested. See things that are legal in Japan but may be illegal in other parts of the world.  Many think that Japan is a very strict country, but when you hear some of these Japanese laws you may be scratching your head. Doing any of these things is not recommended. This video is for entertainment only. Japanese merchandise is interesting.

The law of Japan refers to legal system in Japan, which is primarily based on legal codes and statutes, with precedents also playing an important role. Japan has a civil law legal system with six legal codes, which were greatly influenced by Germany, to a lesser extent by France, and also adapted to Japanese circumstances. The Japanese Constitution enacted after World War II is the supreme law in Japan. An independent judiciary has the power to review laws and government acts for constitutionality.

The early laws of Japan are believed to have been heavily influenced by Chinese law. Little is known about Japanese law prior to the seventh century, when the Ritsuryō was developed and codified. Before Chinese characters were adopted and adapted by the Japanese, the Japanese had no known writing system with which to record their history. Chinese characters were known to the Japanese in earlier centuries, but the process of assimilation of these characters into their indigenous language system took place in the third century. This was due to the so-called willingness of the Japanese to borrow aspects of the culture of continental civilisations, which was achieved mainly via adjacent countries such as the Korean kingdoms rather than directly from the so-called Chinese mainland empires.



日本では大丈夫ですが、世界中で違法であるいくつかの衝撃的な法律があります。 逮捕される可能性のある法律や未知の法律のために日本でできないことについてのビデオをご覧ください。 日本では合法であるが、世界の他の地域では違法である可能性のあるものを参照してください。 日本は非常に厳しい国だと多くの人が考えていますが、これらの日本の法律のいくつかを聞くと、頭を悩ませているかもしれません。 これらのことを行うことはお勧めしません。 このビデオは娯楽のみを目的としています。 日本の商品は面白いです。



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