Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Overall prices in Japan rose 2.4% in June; Inflation shows early signs of hitting a peak 日本の全体的な価格は6月に2.4%上昇しました。 インフレはピークに達する初期の兆候を示しています

WION on Youtube shows that global inflation appears to be slowly having an impact on Japan, a country that is considered as one of the strongest economies in the world. Weak Yen and volatile oil prices continue to make situation shaky.

Amid rising consumer prices, it sure seems that some Japanese companies in Japan have begun providing "inflation allowances" to workers.

Certain companies in Japan are starting to provide "inflation allowance" to employees, in a bid to alleviate workers’ concerns about rising food, electricity and gasoline prices and allow them to focus on important productive work.

Computer software developer Cybozu has decided to make special lump-sum payments to employees in Japan and abroad in July and August. The amount will range from ¥60,000 to ¥150,000 for workers in Japan, depending on the number of hours worked.

At Jul 27, 2022:

1 United States Dollar equals 136.58 Japanese Yen

Japanese Language:

YouTubeのWIONは、世界のインフレが、世界で最も強力な経済の1つと見なされている日本にゆっくりと影響を与えているように見えることを示しています。 円安と不安定な石油価格は状況を不安定にし続けています。



コンピュータソフトウェア開発者のサイボウズは、7月と8月に国内外の従業員に特別一括払いを行うことを決定しました。 労働時間に応じて、日本の労働者は60,000円から15万円の範囲になります。



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