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Shirakawa (白川村, Shirakawa-mura) is a village located in Ōno District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Shirakawa-Go is interesting with traditional Japan Gifu Japanese Old House.

Shirakawa (白川村, Shirakawa-mura) is a village located in Ōno District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is best known for being the site of so-called Shirakawa-gō, a small, traditional village showcasing a building style known as gasshō-zukuri. Together with Gokayama in Nanto, Toyama, it is one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

As of 1 January 2019, the village had an estimated population of 1,630 in 588 households and a population density of 4.6 persons per km2. The total area of the small village was 356.55 km2 (137.66 sq mi).


The geography of Shirakawa is interesting. Shirakawa is a mountain village located in far northern Gifu Prefecture, bordering Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture on the Ryōhaku Mountains. Mount Hakusan is the highest elevation at 2,172 metres (7,126 ft). The village's area is 95.7% mountainous forests, and its steep places are characteristic. In between the big mountains flows the Shō River, which continues to the north into Nanto, Toyama. Most of the population is in its river valley. Since the opening of Hida Tunnel, Shirakawa can be reached quickly within 50 minutes from Takayama, Gifu compared to the earlier 3 hour drive, and only an hour to Nanto in Toyama.


白川の地理は面白いです。 白川は岐阜県の最北端に位置する山村で、両白山地で石川県と富山県に隣接しています。 白山は標高2,172メートル(7,126フィート)で最も高い標高です。 村の面積は95.7%が山林で、急勾配の場所が特徴的です。 大きな山々の間を庄川が流れ、富山県南砺市に向かって北に流れています。 人口のほとんどはその川の谷にいます。 飛騨トンネルの開通以来、岐阜県高山市からは、富山県南砺市まで車で3時間と比べて、白川まで50分以内ですぐに行くことができます。

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